Sea, Sun and Sugar

Marta J

At Kalamata I expected an olive rainfall but what I found was a sea of bakeries. The town is a mixology of cinnamon spiced biscuits, sesame infused breads served with a side of fresh jasmine and vintage rose petals…the combination is irresistible- never has sugar tasted so good! Kalamata with its olives and pastries, breeds bitter-sweet memoires, while bakeries sweeten the bitterness of the economic crisis… It is a difficult time, confesses the owner of Bread bakery and deli but our customers deserve the best quality.

It’s impossible to compete with the quality of food in Kalamata as the bond between the impeccable climate and family food tradition is unbreakable. Every shop continues to perfect its craft generation after generation, each new batch a shade more delicious than the previous one. When I complemented one of the owners on good taste for interior decoration and culinary perfection he was very modest: we try our best to provide our customers with quality that measures up to London and New York; there are so many amazing places there, so much we can learn from. 

When I shared my enthusiasm and newfound culinary revelation with Kalamata locals, most of them expressed their high expectations: well, they said, there is a lot of competition in this town, so the shops must make an effort to do the best they can- the owners are all well traveled and have good taste.

But not only are these bakeries filled with tasteful perfection, they are also impressively innovative- behind each perfect cookie is a dedicated team of passionate owners and managers that follow up on latest trends and technologies. For example the daughter of family owned the bakery like Atanasiou was my classmate at le Cordon Bleu last year. Most successful chefs advocate that classical French training is the underpinning for proper preparation, knowledge and appreciation of any cuisine.

After a week of sea, sun and delicious food it’s challenging to play favorites with holiday experiences in Kalamata, but when I head back I can imagine that there will be bitter sweetness each time I add some cinnamon to my coffee.

Deliciousness in Kalamata:

Bread Bakery and Deli

Traditional Greek bread pastries:


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