Breakfast from Goa

Marta J

Diseases tell stories, they reveal our inner state in real time. Physical symptoms in turn, reveal our mental state. Psychology may be a good field to study the human mind, however it is difficult to understand at times because the mind is so mysterious.

There is a different way we can really get to know someone- by observing their physical state, as the body reveals everything. Diseases tell the truth, exactly where the body is suffering and why.

To heal we must learn to experience our body like a Swiss clock- with all of its components fitting perfectly and interacting smoothly. We must respond to our symptoms adequately and patiently- really take as much time as we need to heal.

These thoughts came to me as I was struggling with some poses during my yoga class.

I remember that at one moment, as I reached the apex of my struggle, a resolve came to me, out of the blue, when the yoga teacher, observing how our minds battled to keep us in place, said: do what you need to do but don’t force outcomes.

Then I realized that the more we push our body to do something it is not ready to do at that moment the more it will backfire. It will become rigid like a wooden stick, if we force it will never bend but break into two.

Always question your cravings.

When you wake up early in the morning, do you grab a coffee because your tummy genuinely needs a drink to keep it warm or are you taking your coffee to brush away all the negativity that comes with the unpleasant feelings that arise when you leave your warm, comforting bed, to join the busy stream of work, of life?

If you are confused and don’t know what you are experiencing at the moment, give it some time, don’t rush it, slow down and detox.

Not all of us are ready to fast on a liquid detox. It takes physical and mental preparation to come to terms with an experience will be mostly unpleasant.

Again take your time, maybe go to a steam room a couple of times a week, then perhaps you can mix and match the steam room experience with a series of yogic postures in bikram. After some time passes it will be your body that will dictate what you eat, not your mind.

The recipe that I am introducing you to today is a byproduct of the intense detox I experienced during my bikram class.

I was inspired by a recipe I found on the blog the stone soup. At the time I was ready for my breakfast so I converted this simple oriental stew into an oriental porridge by adding maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla.

Then I tasted it and immediately knew that it can take some banana and linseed.

It doesn’t matter what you use as much as it matters knowing that cauliflower pairs marvelously with coconut milk and spices like vanilla and cinnamon that in turn blend well with coconut milk, and coconut milk adapts to cauliflower: like attracts like.

It turns out that cauliflower, like broccoli and cabbage has immense detox qualities because of an ingredient called glucosinolate.

Glucosinolate is a sulfur and nitrogen compound that alkalizes the body by binding to acidic cells. Its powerful detoxing quality, potentially cures genetic diseases by altering our genetic make up.

Reading about the detox powers of cauliflower made me realize that my body demanded it that day, as a cure for the dull stomach cramps I was experiencing a day earlier.

If you feel like you’ve had a bad meal or you need to inject some life into your digestive system I strongly recommend this recipe.

Goa Cauliflower porridge


1 full cup steamed cauliflower
1/3 cup chopped cashews
1 cup coconut milk
1 tbsp. cinnamon
1 tbsp. vanilla seeds
2-3 tbsp. maple syrup
Optional: 1 banana and 2 tbsp. linseed


  1. Chop the cauliflower into florets and steam it until al dente

2.  In a separate sauce-pan pour the coconut milk cauliflower, cinnamon and vanilla and bring to the boil. Simmer for 1-2 minutes more.

3.  Blend together into a dense consistency.

4. Add the maple syrup, cashews, banana and linseed


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